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A. The Prime Domain Name and Web Site, as it appears here, or
B. The complete hosting environment package. With this, you only need Web Access and an IP Address

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A Dedicated, In-Office Multi-Domain hosting environment.

It comprizes an Intel/Windows Server platform, with a Static IP address, high speed ("FIOS") connection to the Internet and Features the WebSBA® Cloud Computing Accounting Application.

There are a number of Domain/web sites Hosted on this Web Server. Users of these Domains have seameless access to this WebSBA®

(A Small Busines Accounting Application, with Production Management, Fixed Asset Management with depreciation, on line Real Time Shopping cart and built in data backup features).

1. If you are an existing customer on this hosting domain server click on the "Welcome to" link and securelly access your data with your UserId and password. 2. If your account is registered on domain, click on the WebSBA graphic above. 3. If you have installed the WebSBA® on your serfing windows computer and set it up the "localhost" feature, click on the "upper left logo" link to download your data for backup and use on your Windows device. If you want to subscribe to the service on this Web Server Select the "Sign Up" Menu entry bellow. If you want to subscribe to the original "cloud Accounting Service" and or acquire the WebSBA®, program

Click on the " Sign Up " Link on the Menu Bar.

To purchase the Application place an order with Simplified Computer Systems and click on the "e-Store" section of the Menu

In more detail, this Accounting Application package, includes all basic Accounting functions reffered to above. It handles multiple companies with multiple accounts per Company. Calculates and prepares Bills of Material and Production oders, calculates and tracks Material Requirements Planning (MRP), and aslso featutes Integrated Point of Sale, e-commerce payment processing, and Fixed Asset management with depreciation. Ms Access subscribers, upload and download their data bases, from anywhee at any time.

Comparing revenues of Multi-HOSTING Environments (100 customers @ $40.00 per month = $4,000.00 per year) VERSUS HOSTED Environments (100 customers @ $20.00 per Month $2,000.00 per year).

The Multi-HOSTING Environments have higher overhead as they are comprised of Windows Multi-Domain Server (IIS 7 or newer), Static IP address (to a dedicated domain name web page) with fast connection to the Internet.
HOSTED Environments are comprized of any Domain (preferably Prime) and a simple connection to the Internet thus much lower overhead.

The WebSBA® APP package has been integraded into many private Windows Server Multi-Domain domain environmens. These Windows Server Multi-Domain Senver domain environments do Host Domain/website pages with access to the WebSB ® Application

Listed bellow are some client's Multi-HOSTING Environments. Each is is comprised of a Windows Web Server, a Static IP/Domain and fast connection to the Internet. (An investment in Cloud Computing Technology featuring Websba ).
Some of the ( "HOSTING Environments", are followed by some "HOSTED Environments". (Domain/website name requiring no investment in Technology)



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See WebSBA in action! Several demonstration web sites have been created to show how WebSBA can integrate your accounting, production, and e-commerce needs. More...

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Web-based Accounting, Production and e-Commerce...
The Total Solution was developed by small business as a tool to improve marketing, operational, and accounting effectiveness. It is now offered as a service to other small businesses with similar goals. It requires no large investments (no equipment or programs to purchase and maintain). Any business can subscribe to the service and match the well-touted features offered by larger companies, at a fraction of the cost

Account for everything on the Web or purchase the program for in house integrated solution. Accounting, Bill of Material, Production Orders, MRP and integrated Point of Sale with e-Commerce.

The application resides on our web server and can be accessed by business subscribers and their customers from anywhere at anytime via their web browser.

The accounting features include:

  • General Ledger
  • Purchasing and Sales Order Management
  • Inventory Control and Production Management
  • Bill of Material for Product Design and Costing/Pricing
  • Time-phased, "Just-in-time" Material Ordering
  • Check Book Functions and Reporting on Financial Position

The e-commerce features fully integrate with the entire accounting system.

  • Shopping cart and real-time order placement
  • Order status reviewing
  • Dynamic e-store generation (Changes to product description and pricing immediately
  • reflect on the subscriber's web site)

Some of the benefits our subscribers receive include:

  • Centralized data, accessed fron anywhere at any time.
  • The system can be easily maintained by non-technical users.
  • Icreased sales and improved customer service through e-commerce.
  • Imroved efficiency by giving customers self service access.
  • Offsite data storage with reduced overhead of incompatible programs.
  • Web-generated sales and web-based management.

The picture on the above right graphically explains the program and depicts a typical scenario. An authorized customer is placing an order using the e-commerce features available on the WebSBA server. Simultaneously, another prospective customer is reviewing product offerings or a previous order. The business manager, with full control of the accounting modules, is releasing a customer’s order and possibly acquiring any needed components from a vendor. , , , , Sign Up | Contact Us

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